There's a reason for my silence. It's called STOMACH FLU FROM HELL. I had it. Five pounds later, I'm now working my way back to life with dry toast and Popsicles.

It hit me in the early hours of Thursday morning, garbage day. Yeah, I lost my garbage can because it was windy yesterday, and when one is spending one's time voiding one's body of anything remotely liquid, well, let's just say, one isn't too concerned with where one's garbage can ends up. Hopefully, it found a good home.

I missed a field trip to the old Capitol with my class yesterday -- I'm sure I've ingratiated myself to that sub. I also missed all the fun and frivolity of rewards day today. Rumor has it there was a dunking booth. I was planning on missing today anyway as I was suppose to be at the Kentucky Reading Association annual conference where I was going to meet Brian Selznick. Yeah, that never happened. That totally sucks.

I eagerly look forward to the day that I can look solid foods in the eye again without feeling completely disgusted ... I'm sure that day will come soon ... right?


A.B. Davis said…
yuck...true grossawsity. :)
Megan said…
Ummm ... yeah, I lived it, baby. I can honestly say MUCHO GROSS FACTOR!!!!!

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