Somewhere in Homer, Michigan, John and Denise are smacking their heads on hard surfaces at the mere idea of me blogging about this, honestly. They were the ones responsible for my truck's good health prior to my move down here. I'm sure they worry about it's health now that I'm left to my own devices.

Honestly, I've got too much in my head. There isn't any more room for stuff like TRUCK MAINTENANCE. It makes my head hurt to even pause and ponder what I might be missing ... like the fact that I'm probably 10,000 miles over in the rear differential department. What the heck is a rear differential, and why should I care about it?

And now my father has commenced to smacking his head on a hard surface, mumbling incoherently, "she needs a keeper ... she needs a keeper ..."

Today, I took my truck in for an oil change. That's as "vehicle maintenance" as I get until a light starts flashing on my dashboard. Then I get all WHACK JOB on it, and lose my mind due to lack of knowledge where cars are concerned.

So, the mechanic stuck his head in the door, and was all, "Ummm ... you really need a tune up ... new spark plugs. I bet your mileage is crap."

You know, come to think of it, he's right. My truck has been sucking up gas like it's going out of style. With 6 year old spark plugs, having never had a tune up, and 69,000 + miles, yes, I think we need to do that.

How do people keep it all straight? I have a file folder with all that crap in it, but I never look at. Good grief! I'm not sure I could put my fingers on it right now.

What I need is an entire windshield full of those sticky things that tell me when my oil change needs to occur. If I had one of those sticky things for every single maintenance thing I needed to do, I would be golden! Okay, yes, I wouldn't be able to see the roadway, but my truck would be in good health!


Anonymous said…
you crack me up....but I am glad I have a keeper or at least a truck keeper =) Maybe Joe could help~shanny
Anonymous said…
Services to perform
50,000 miles; transmission flush, front & rear differential fluid changed, spark plugs changed, check front and rear brakes, and service four wheel drive. Every third oil change rotate the tires. Every three years anti-freeze flush. At 100,000 miles- do the same as fifty with the additions of replace the spark plug wires, fuel injection flush, replace belts and the radiator hoses. Before I worked here I was just change the oil, and that is it right?@? But, to stay on top of disaster you should maintain. I can help with any questions or concerns or price checks, just give me a call or e-mail.

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