I went to see THE WOMEN today with Erin.

Ladies, this is a totally cool CHIC FLICK! We both loved it. Laughed all the way through it. Of course, it helped that Erin dropped five pieces of popcorn down her shirt as the lights dimmed ... you know when they are showing the DON'T TALK THROUGH THE MOVIE trailer? Yeah. We were reduced to childish, girlie giggles before the movie had even started, but I gotta tell you, the laughing didn't stop with Erin fishing popcorn out of her bra.

This was a hysterical movie with loads of funny dialogue as well as some pretty profound moments. For me, it was when Candace Bergen's character told Meg Ryan's character to be selfish. Do what you want to do ... man! Did that resonant with me right now!

It also brought up a great conversation later on in the day when I asked if Erin would ever be able to take Joe back if he cheated on her. I'm not so sure I could be big enough to do that ... take someone back after they cheated on me. I'm afraid I might just lose my mind and get all VENGEFUL WENCH BAG on the sorry sap.

Anyway, I'm giving the movie an A just because it caused us to laugh and talk about pretty heavy stuff. Plus, the fashion was just plain cool!


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