Last night, we had Family Fun Night here at the school. "Fun Night" equates to dodge ball in all its various forms. I'm not sure how fun it really is, but the kids get a kick out of it. So, let the games begin.

There are a number of variations on the game: a parents against teachers round (three, actually), kids against teachers (again, 3 rounds), and a teachers against the principal round.

Now, there's a certain strategy I use for dodge ball, and that is, run around in the back, dodging balls, and let every one else throw the balls. That usually serves me well, until I'm the "last man standing," as was the case last night. Now, here's where it gets really ugly. You see, I throw like a girl. So, when I'm the last one out on the floor, and there are five parents that are looking to clobber you, and your principal is hollering at the top of his competitive lungs, "GO MISS MURRAY, GO!" One has no other recourse but to throw a ball or two ... badly. Oh it was an awful display of nonathletic prowess, culminating in me bending down to grab a ball, and one of our prominent OB/GYN docs, a gentle man known for his caring and kind bedside manner, lobbed one ... directly at my face!

Oh yeah! I took one for the team.


Amy Auel said…
Now I know you're my soul sister...this could have been written by me (except not as well!). You are one funny chick! Hey, maybe that makes me funny, too! hee-hee :)
Anonymous said…
Oh I would definitely go to him the next OB/GYN visit and manage to "break wind" or something of that nature as he is deep in the exam. Then politely remind him he should have "dodged" that one. (like he should have to be reminded) Once again, it's the end of a crazy SPED kinda day!!!!!

Anonymous said…
LOL you crack up
Elly Gilbert said…
You earned a mention in the State Journal yesterday for this. No kidding. There was a piece on Family Fun Night, and your principal says, "I'm really proud of Megan Murray. She was the last teacher standing in the dodgeball game," or something like that.

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